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JAI has expanded its line of high-resolution, high performance GigE cameras with the TM-2040GE. It offers two-Megapixel UXGA resolution and software-selectable operation that allows users to choose between dual tap mode at 34fps (with automatic channel balancing) or single tap mode operating at 17fps. Using a one-inch Kodak progressive scan IT CCD sensor (KAI-2020), the TM-2040GE produces 12-bit linear images, or 10-bit/8-bit images that are modifiable by a user-defined look-up table (LUT) for use in difficult lighting situations.

The TM-2040GE camera features JAI’s high-fidelity front-end circuitry and low-noise power supply to produce exceptional sensitivity and a typical signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 58dB.

All TM-2040GE cameras include image centre partial scanning (600, 300, or 150 lines), as well as variable partial scanning where the user can choose both the starting point and the specific number of lines to be scanned.

Other high performance features include a PIV mode enabling the capture of pairs of images separated by only a few microseconds, and a defective pixel compensation feature that uses neighbouring pixels to adjust for bad ones.

Uses for the TM-2040GE cameras span a wide range of machine vision, medical, and intelligent transportation system applications, where high speed and high resolution are required.


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