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AT-200GE Medical

JAI is introducing the AT-200GE Medical, a 3-CCD digital progressive scan camera dedicated to the medical and life sciences field. The camera incorporates 1/2-inch, 2-Megapixel progressive scan CCDs that run 25fps at 8-bit or 10-bit data rates through a plug-and-play GigE Vision interface.

To help doctors in patient diagnostics, medical imaging has become an increasingly important element in a number of analytical systems such as endoscopy and microscopy, but also in diagnostics processes related to eye surgery, skin diseases, cell imaging and cell and tissue diagnostics.

All of these applications rely on critical resolving power and precise colour management in camera technology. JAI's AT-200GE Medical camera has been developed to provide accurate, high resolution images under low light conditions.

The camera has approximately five times the resolution compared with ordinary 3-CCD analogue PAL cameras used today in many places in the medical field.

The precisely aligned 3-CCDs on the prism block generate true image colours through JAI's original colour matrix circuit. Users have the possibility to get not only the RGB digital data, but also sRGB or Adobe RGB video directly from the camera to calibrate it with connected devices like monitors or printers.

JAI's true colour management system in combination with Megapixel resolution gives clear and natural images of skin, blood, eye iris and other biological objects being viewed.

Just like JAI’s other cameras, the AT-200GE Medical cameras undergo extensive quality checks, including 50G shock testing and 3G vibration testing.

A ridged housing design provides maximum surface area for heat dissipation resulting in excellent temperature management and optimal image quality.


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