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Flir Intelligent Transportation Systems, the ITS business unit of Flir Systems, has launched the ThermiCam, an integrated thermal camera and detector for vehicle and bike presence detection and counting at road junctions with traffic lights. ThermiCam detects vehicles and bicycles at and near the stop bar based on thermal video images, allowing traffic lights to be controlled dynamically.

ThermiCam combines a traffic camera and video analytics for traffic applications. The ThermiCam sensor has the same housing as the TrafiCam and TrafiCam x-stream video sensors that have been installed all over the world. The main difference between ThermiCam and TrafiCam is the camera core: ThermiCam uses a thermal imaging camera instead of a visible camera. The intelligent ThermiCam sensor will transmit its detection information over contact closures or over IP to the traffic light controller and will thus allow a more dynamic control of traffic lights.

ThermiCam uses thermal energy emitted from bikes and other vehicles to make a distinction between both. The intelligent sensor can provide the traffic light controller with specific information on vehicle and bike presence, which allows traffic managers to make more intelligent decisions and adapt green times according to the specific road user type (bike or other vehicle). CCTV video cameras have a hard time detecting cyclists situated close to vehicles or in dark shadows.

ThermiCam is also able to detect vehicles and bikes at night over a long range. It can also image through sun glare, wet road surfaces, car headlights, shadows, snow or fog.

Flir Systems has also released seven new E-Series thermal imaging cameras. The handheld thermal imagers are developed for pinpointing electrical and mechanical overheating, moisture ingress, missing insulation, air leaks, and a host of other temperature-related problems.

The company has also expanded its range of affordable, entry level R&D grade thermal imaging kits for academic teaching and industrial research labs (E40 and T420). The thermal imaging kits are the portable (<1kg) and easy-to-operate.


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