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Thermal AI and lidar among Intertraffic imaging tech

At Intertraffic 2022 Teledyne Flir (stand 01.335) will present AI solutions for smart citys, and explain how thermal technology is being used throughout cities worldwide to tackle urban mobility and sustainability challenges head-on.

Designed to reliably detect and classify road users, the ThermiCam AI is an intelligent thermal imaging sensor for traffic monitoring in complex urban environments. Featuring AI algorithms built on 25+ years of traffic detection and best-in-class thermal imaging, ThermiCam AI delivers continuous vision and data collection for safer, more efficient cities. Capable of tracking multiple objects in any lighting condition, the advanced edge-based AI technology effectively controls intersections, helps protect vulnerable road users, and gathers detailed traffic data for better city planning decisions.

AEye 4Sight M adaptive lidar

AEye, a provider of lidar solutions, will showcase its 4Sight M adaptive lidar and demonstrate live pedestrian tracking at the show. Visitors can find AEye at three places:

  • See AEye’s solid state, software-definable lidar in action with live pedestrian demos, and talk to company experts at AEye’s booth, stand 05.424.
  • Experience AEye’s 4Sight M at the Seoul Robotics booth (05.466). Here, attendees will be able to see, via live demos, how AEye’s lidar integrates with Seoul Robotics’ perception software to deliver a complete solution for long-range object detection. The result is best-in-class 3D perception for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians at distances beyond 300 meters.
  • Visit the Intetra booth (01.304), where videos will demonstrate how the advanced feedback loops and optimized scan patterns of AEye’s 4Sight M lidar enable high resolution detection in tolling areas, regardless of vehicle type, speed, traffic flow, light, or weather conditions.

Movyon traffic management, tolling, and more

MOVYON, technological spin-off of Autostrade per l'Italia group and leader in the development and integration of Intelligent Transport System, Tolling and Infrastructure Monitoring solutions, will participate in Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022.

Mobility has become one of the sectors in which new skills and new technologies in the field of digital engineering can bring concrete results in terms of sustainability and innovation to the benefit of travellers and road operators. To this end, MOVYON operates in Italy and abroad, developing and integrating cutting-edge technological solutions for road and motorway infrastructure operators, public administrations, and service providers, to enable them to guarantee the community intelligent, accessible, sustainable and safe mobility.

Established as Autostrade per l'Italia's centre of excellence for research and innovation, MOVYON operates in Europe, South America and Africa. In Italy, 15 Traffic Management Centres, 75% of the toll lane technologies, as well as more than 4,000 monitoring systems operating on the national road infrastructures are signed by MOVYON.

New developments in the field will be presented at the event:

  • Traffic and Safety Management: the advanced MOVYON Traffic Management Platform, integrated Weigh in Motion system, solutions for tracking of dangerous goods and infomobility, Tunnel Management solutions such as the one implemented in Italy for the recently opened tunnel Santa Lucia, the largest three-lane tunnel in Europe, equipped with innovative technologies that guarantee high safety standards and better traffic management
  • Tolling: solutions to simplify and speed up toll payment, optimise the management of financial flows and maintenance-related information, as well as the system status
  • Infrastructure Management: ARGO Platform for structural monitoring, inspection and management of infrastructures - the MOVYON solution nominated for the Intertraffic Awards - and solutions for the monitoring of the road pavement health conditions
  • Smart Roads: technologies to enable I2V (Infrastructure-to-vehicle) and V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) communication and to make service areas data-driven
  • Smart City: solutions for optimised traffic management, access control, smart parking and satellite-based local public transport monitoring, together with an advanced control room able to provide Public Administration and mobility operators useful information to make decisions and ensure efficiency and sustainability in urban mobility
  • MOVYON Electronics: the hub dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic equipment for mobility, recently created by MOVYON to expand its range of products and provide the market with increasingly integrated end-to-end solutions

MOVYON will also join the plenary session with two speeches on the topics of Urban Mobility and Infrastructure Management:

  • 30 March 2022, at 12.30 p.m.: "Smart City: sustainable solutions for the evolution of urban mobility".
  • 30 March 2022, 2.45 pm: "Tomorrow is already travelling on the roads of today: ARGO, the extended platform for managing and monitoring the life cycle of infrastructures. The case of Autostrade per l'Italia".

Co-creation, customisation, integration and innovation inspire the MOVYON stand

For its first participation in Intertraffic Amsterdam, MOVYON has designed an iconic stand that represents the company at 360 degrees by celebrating the importance of expertise in delivering value and evoking the ability to co-create with its customers, customise and integrate solutions and generate continuous innovation.

These will be the key principles for MOVYON in welcoming professionals from public and private companies interested in discovering the full potential of digital engineering for the mobility of the future at stand no. 01.308.


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