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ThermaCAM Researcher v2.10

Flir Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) has released version 2.10 of its ThermaCAM Researcher software.

Designed to analyse thermal performance, ThermaCAM Researcher is a robust real-time digital storage, measurement, and analysis software package. Extremely versatile, the software digitally stores and retrieves static and real-time infrared images, live IR digital video sequences, dynamic high-speed events and data directly from ThermaCAM IR cameras allowing in-depth and precise analysis of thermal events.

Changes and new features to version 2.10 include improved bonjour scanning, new zoom and pan tool buttons, plot value storage in session files, support for Flir GF Series IR image, JPEG storage with an IR scale, and camera control of auto-NUC and auto-adjust to cover just the zoomed area of an image. In addition the new software revision now provides Flir SC6X0 windowing and 120Hz support, full support for Flir SC305, SC325, SC645 and SC655 (windowing and full speed) and support for Windows 7.


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