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Techspec plastic hybrid acylinder lenses

Edmund Optics has introduced Techspec plastic hybrid acylinder lenses. Similar to both aspheric lenses and cylinder lenses, these versatile lenses provide diffraction-limited focusing performance in only one dimension. Designed at 587.6nm, the lenses are excellent for visible wavelengths.

The lenses reduce spherical aberration along the focusing axis. This is ideal for creating precise thin line profiles with broadband sources. The innovative hybrid lens design offers negative optical dispersion and excellent colour correction. The acylinder lenses feature a high numerical aperture (NA), which allows them to be used with divergent light sources such as laser diode bars and LEDs.

The Techspec acylinder lenses are available with a 25mm diameter, in five focal lengths of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm for ease of integration into a wide variety of applications. All of these lenses are offered either uncoated or with a VIS coating.


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