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Techspec line of germanium infrared aspheric lenses

Edmund Optics has introduced its new Techspec line of germanium infrared (IR) aspheric lenses, which are available in standard and hybrid configurations.

The hybrid aspheric lenses provide diffraction limited focusing performance at any wavelength over the 3-5µm region and near diffraction limited performance when used over the entire 3-5µm range. Colour corrected for 3-5 µm, each hybrid aspheric lens is coated for greater than 95 per cent transmission and less than 0.5 per cent reflection at 3-5µm, offering excellent efficiency and reduced costs of IR illumination. The hybrid aspheric lenses are well suited to integration into imaging applications, FTIR spectrometers, or any mid-wave IR application using a broadband light source. The versatile lenses are offered in a 25mm diameter with focal lengths ranging from 12.5mm to 100mm, with custom designs and coating options available upon request.

The Techspec standard germanium IR aspheric lenses, available with a variety of coating options, provide diffraction limited focusing performance over a broad spectral range in the mid- and long-wave IR regions. Each of the aspheric lenses is available uncoated or with BBAR coating options for greatest flexibility. As uncoated germanium has a transmission of less than 50 per cent, Edmund Optics recommends that users consider adding custom anti-reflective (AR) coatings when specifying an uncoated lens. Standard germanium IR aspheric lenses are available in a 25mm diameter size, with focal lengths ranging from 12.5mm to 75mm, in uncoated, 3-5µm coating and 8-12µm coating versions. The standard lenses are suitable for monochromatic light sources such as quantum cascade lasers and offer a high performance alternative to standard plano-convex lenses.


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