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Tattile partners with NorPix

Tattile is pleased to announce a technical partnership with NorPix Inc., the leading developer of digital video recording software and solutions for high speed video recording. NorPix has integrated the SDK of Tattile’s M100 Vision Controller in the new release of their multiple camera digital video recording software StreamPix 7 in order to enable direct management of the M100 I/O from their StreamPix 7 software.
“Through this the NorPix software StreamPix 7 is now one hundred percent compatible with the Tattile M100 and our Vision Controller is ready to use for high-speed recording systems in combination with StreamPix. Customers can now manage all standard and specific functions of the Tattile M100 directly through the StreamPix software from NorPix”, says Fulvio Pozzalini, Technical Product Manager with Tattile.
The Tattile M100 is an industrial PC specifically designed for vision systems. Compared to classic industrial PCs the M100 Vision Controller combines a number of advantages for ease of installation: It is Fanless with a compact and rugged construction, and comes out of the box ready-to-use requiring no loading of any OS software or drivers or any additional components such as a frame grabber or switch, and it contains an FPGAenabled real time I/O allowing for extremely low-latency synchronization between vision system, cameras and machine automation.


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