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SXG cameras

Baumer's SXG cameras combine Quad Tap sensors from Kodak with the innovative Dual GigE technology. This provides the perfect solution for applications requiring excellent image quality and high frame rates simultaneously.

Thanks to the new interface technology, the image data with resolutions from 1 to 8 Megapixels and frame rates of up to 120fps are transferred to the PC via standard GigE interface boards. With the capability of transferring at 240MB/s, the full potential of the Kodak Quad Tap sensors can now be used. Instead of a static Link Aggregation Group (LAG), Baumer uses dynamic LAG to configure the Ethernet ports automatically. Therefore, possible error sources can be eliminated from the beginning. All cameras are supplied with Power over the Ethernet (POE) technology to eliminate a separate power cable. Serial production of the camera starts in the first quarter of 2011.


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