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MXG board level cameras

Baumer has released the MXG board level camera series. The separate sensor board measures only 28 x 28mm and is connected to the system circuit board via flexprint. This allows the cameras to be individually integrated into small, cramped installation spaces in almost any mechanical design.

The camera series comprises eight models, four monochrome and four colour cameras, with resolutions ranging from VGA up to 4 Megapixels. Besides the powerful Sony CCD sensors, the series will feature a 4 Megapixel CMOS sensor from Cmosis. The first camera model of the series will feature VGA resolution and a 140fps transfer capability.

Trigger delay mode simplifies synchronisation between the application and the camera, while the sequencer makes it much easier to capture image series with changing acquisition parameters. Both packet delay and transmission delay modes are available to support reliable data transfer in multi-camera operation. Storable user sets simplify camera integration, and the GigE standard interface with Power over Ethernet can be used to reduce integration and maintenance costs.


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