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SWIR filters for machine vision

Chroma Technology, a market leader in the precision optics industry, is proud to present its new SWIR filters for machine vision and remote sensing. Delivering the most accurate performance for the same cost as lower-quality interference filters, these filters can significantly improve food safety inspection, machine vision systems, remote sensing for asset management, and a host of other applications.

The new line of SWIR sputter-coated optical filters for remote sensing applications are designed to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio. These filters have precise center wavelengths, narrow transmission bands, exceptional flat-top transmission, and OD4 off-band blocking.

The latest additions to the ContrastMax line of optical filters are engineered for automated vision applications such as machine vision and robotic guidance from the visible to SWIR. Chroma’s ContrastMax filters cover a range of center wavelengths from 380 to 2800 nm and offer superior levels of contrast while blocking unwanted light.

Chroma Technology’s optical filters are designed for your application. They are extremely durable and accept wide angles of incidence without chromatic aberrations. With no lamination or thin film degradation, the filters withstand large shifts in temperature and humidity. Chroma has applied its 30-plus years of experience and expertise in filter design to develop this new line of single and multiband SWIR filters: The results are truly illuminating.


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