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Flexpoint laser diode modules

In response to the increasing choice of Flexpoint laser diode modules, Laser Components has changed the part code nomenclature for the dot and line lasers. The standard dot laser modules include eight different wavelengths, between 1 and 100mW output power choices, optional power adjustment with either a potentiometer or a control extra wire, circular or elliptical beams, fixed focus, focusable or collimated beam, and a range of addition optics, such as housing size, supply voltage and more.

Line lasers options include 5 to 100 degree fan angles, and generate a crisp line with Gaussian power distribution along the line. Due to sophisticated electronics, Laser Components can offer a wide range of wavelengths and output powers, making our Flexpoint laser diode modules ideal universal tools.

Custom-designed laser diode modules are also available, for specific focal distances, special wavelengths, homogenous line lasers that have uniform intensity along the length of the line for machine vision applications, and more.


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