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SW-8000Q-10GE and SW-8000Q-SFP prism-based line scan cameras

JAI today introduced two new multispectral (R-G-B + NIR) models in the company's Sweep+ Series of prism-based line scan cameras. The SW-8000Q-10GE and SW-8000Q-SFP are the industry's first prism-based line scan cameras to offer 8K (8192) pixel resolution per line.

Both new models are equipped with four 8K CMOS sensors mounted on a four-way dichroic prism that separates the incoming light into red, green, blue, and near infrared (NIR) wavelengths providing both high color accuracy and multispectral analysis via the NIR channel.

Unlike quadlinear cameras which must use compensation algorithms to account for the spacing in their multi-line sensors, the four prism-mounted sensors are precisely aligned to a common optical path. Because of this, the prism cameras are not affected by vibrations and speed variations typical of objects on conveyor belts or in free-fall sorting, which can cause color fringes or "halos" in images from non-prism cameras due to constantly changing parallax and keystone effects.

The SW-8000Q-10GE features a 10 GigE interface that also supports backwards compatibility to 5 Gbps, 2.5 Gbps, and 1 Gbps Ethernet standards. The interface can automatically detect the capability of its PC or network connection and adjust accordingly for customers running vision applications on these lower-speed Ethernet standards.

The SW-8000Q-SFP model features an “Enhanced Small Form-factor Pluggable” (SFP+) interface which delivers GigE Vision output via optical fiber cables. The SFP+ interface supports very long cables with low latency (low data transmission delay), low data transmission noise, as well as immunity to electromagnetic interference and system crosstalk.

In both new models, the multispectral image data can be transmitted as a single combined stream using the RGBa8 pixel format, or in a dual-stream format with RGB or YUV data on one stream and NIR images on the other. The dual stream configuration supports 8-bit or 10-bit output per channel with a maximum line rate of 36 kHz (36,000 lines per second) for 8-bit RGB + NIR data or 37 kHz for YUV + NIR data. For single-stream RGBa8 output the maximum line rate is also 37 kHz.

The cameras' 8K sensors feature 3.75 x 5.78 µm rectangular pixels in a two-line arrangement supporting horizontal pixel binning, vertical pixel binning, or both. Users can adjust the line width to less than 8192 pixels using region-of-interest (ROI) settings, which also increases the line rate.

The SW-8000Q-10GE and SW-8000Q-SFP have a built-in color conversion function that allows the color output to be provided in HSI or CIEXYZ color format if needed, as well as offering conversions from standard RGB to the sRGB or Adobe RGB color spaces, or even to a user-defined custom RGB conversion matrix.

The cameras also support the precision time protocol (IEEE 1588) for multi-camera networked configurations and can be connected directly to rotary encoders for synchronization with conveyor belts and other motion systems.

Additional standard features include gain and black level adjustment, manual or automatic white balancing, shading correction, PRNU and DSNU correction, and chromatic aberration compensation.

The SW-8000Q-10GE and SW-8000Q-SFP can be ordered with two different lens mount options – a Nikon F-mount or an M52 mount.


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