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Structured light pattern generating laser from Coherent

Alrad Imaging is pleased to announce the latest structured light pattern generating laser from Coherent.

In today’s world of expanding 3D vision systems, the camera and laser are equal partners in the accuracy, stability and repeatability of the measurements made and used by these applications. The requirements on the laser for uniformity, power, pointing and electrical stability are far above typical illumination system requirements. Having a source which produces very high power density, very thin measurement cross sections with a uniform return that does not mask the profile of the object is critical to the continued success of these demanding applications. The technology and advancement of these lasers has stayed the same for many years now, not giving the user the ability to leverage this portion of the system beyond its current technology.  

The Coherent StingRay SD laser platform is a re-vision of this technology, taking technology and best practices from leading edge applications in Bio instrumenta­tion and Laser Measurement and Control. The Coherent StingRay SD laser incor­porates state of the art electronics, optics and mechanics to provide a compact, highly flexible and reliable laser source that re-sets the standard in Machine Vision.


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