Spot 5.2 software

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SPOT Imaging Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the new SPOT 5.2 software. SPOT 5.2 Software provides ongoing OS support for your SPOT camera while expanding its capabilities with new features and enhanced functionality. 

New features and enhancements include: Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) Support; Windows 8 Support; New Microscopy Optimized, Auto-Brightness Function; New Live Image; Overlay Module for E-Phys Applications; Enhanced Auto-Exposure Image Types; Enhanced ICC Profiles for New Cameras; Added Macro Functions; Added Custom Dialog Functions. 

You can expand your capabilities by adding the modular SPOT Advanced software, which provides tools for fluorescence imaging and database archival and supports modules for intensity display scaling, extended depth of focus processing, peripheral device control and live image overlays.  Image analysis tasks like automated counting, deconvolution, thresholding and multi-dimensional imaging can also be accomplished with your SPOT camera using MetaMorph NX software and the SPOT camera driver.