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SpectroCam Multispectral Imaging (MSI) camera

The SpectroCam Multispectral Imaging (MSI) camera is now available from Ocean Thin Films (OTF) in a new development platform that combines a scientific-grade CCD array with a precision rotating optical filter wheel. Applications include water quality measurements, product screening, machine vision, medical imaging, surveillance and authentication.

SpectroCam complements single-point spectroscopy by adding another dimension to spectral measurements. With a single-point spectrometer, users can analyse spectral differences from sample to sample and then, by selecting discrete filters in and around spectral areas with the most significant differences, use SpectroCam to create an image that shows vivid contrast between the samples.

At the heart of the SpectroCam is a wideband CCD that is responsive from the visible through near infrared spectrum. The system's precision filter wheel and optics can be customised for a variety of applications. Image speed is 20fps at full resolution and the standard F-mount configuration accommodates a range of lens choices, focal lengths and fields of view. Each system includes a lens, eight standard interchangeable filters and software.

OTF collaborated with miniature spectroscopy provider Ocean Optics to create this suite of tools, making multispectral imaging accessible to everybody from university researchers to high volume OEM equipment makers. The interchangeable optical filters and continuously rotating filter wheel overcome many of the shortcomings that prismatic MSI systems face. With interchangeable filters, users can try many filter options to narrow in on the best contrast, greatly reducing development time and allowing users to bring products to market faster.

The SpectroCam platform is easily integrated into a variety of OEM systems and can be modified to meet specific mechanical and environmental needs.


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