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SpectralLED RS-7-2

Gamma Scientific has expanded their family of SpectralLED™ Tunable LED Light Sources for camera and image sensor calibration with a new system having a substantially larger output port, as well as increased output uniformity.  Specifically, the new SpectralLED RS-7-2 mates up to four LED light source engines together with a 1 meter sphere that includes a 300 mm output port (other sphere and port sizes are available, as well).  The result is a calibration light source for very large area detectors and large field of view cameras that delivers significantly higher brightness and approximately an order of magnitude higher radiometric stability (<0.1%) and wavelength accuracy (0.25 nm) than any competitive product. 

As with its smaller predecessor, the SpectralLED RS-7-2 utilizes a light engine consisting of 35 discrete LEDs, each having a different center wavelength, which can be programed on-demand to reproduce the output of virtually any illuminant source (e.g. blackbody, daylight, fluorescent, LED, CIE illuminants), or the spectrum of any illuminant reflected by a target (such as a Macbeth™ or X RITE™ target).  The system can even be swept through wavelengths to simulate a scanning monochromator, but with no moving parts.  Yet, the SpectralLED RS-7-2 is incredibly user-friendly because all this sophisticated functionality is easily accessed through a simple firmware interface, which also contains a detailed calibration matrix for every LED channel.  Plus, a combination of DC constant current drivers, optical feedback, and thermoelectric cooling maintains high luminance accuracy in real time without any effort on the part of the user. 

The unique combination of features, capabilities and accuracy make the SpectralLED RS-7-2 ideal for a wide range of detector and camera testing and calibration tasks that involve collecting light over a large area and/or a large field of view.  From telescope or telephoto lenses for astronomical, spaceborne and aerospace applications, to fish-eye or wide angle lens for virtual reality and other consumer applications, this product enables flat field calibration with higher accuracy and uniformity than ever before.


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