Software drivers

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BitFlow is helping vision engineers build more robust applications that take full advantage of the graphical capabilities of NI LabVIEW®, Cognex Vision Pro®, MVTec Halcon® and other third party software by maintaining its extensive and current library of software drivers. BitFlow drivers now support the very latest versions of all major vision software packages, resulting in faster application development and lower lifecycle costs.

Optimized for ease of use, fast acquisition, and minimal CPU usage, BitFlow drivers deliver images to third-party applications in real-time. They are also fully compatible with all current BitFlow frame grabber models, including the newest Axion-CL and all the Cyton™ CXP family. This means that deployments of BitFlow frame grabbers require only a single driver for any given application regardless of which BitFlow frame grabbers are used.

'Our drivers are simple to implement and ensure rapid time to deployment of BitFlow frame grabbers so new customers can begin realizing their benefits with their existing software package in minutes instead of days or weeks," said Donal Waide, Director of Sales and Marketing for BitFlow, Inc. "In addition, the drivers allow BitFlow customers to quickly and non-disruptively upgrade third-party software with zero downtime. For customers with older versions of their software, we offer a compatible package as we have been supporting these 3rd party applications for several years now."

BitFlow drivers have been evaluated to avoid incompatibility and similar performance issues that can impact development time and sourcing complexity. Drivers are available for packages from: A&B Software, Adaptive Vision, AQSENSE, Cognex, Mathworks, Media Cybernetics, MVTec, National Instruments, NorPix, OpenCV, Stemmer and IO Industries.