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Imec has introduced the Snapscan camera, a platform that combines good signal-to-noise ratio with the spatial and spectral resolution advantages of line-scan hyperspectral imaging technology and the data-set acquisition ability of a snapshot camera.

The Snapscan camera exploits the high spectral and spatial resolution of Imec’s hyperspectral line-scan sensor, without the need for any external scanning movement: scanning is handled internally, using a miniaturised scanning stage. Full hyperspectral images can be acquired in a matter of a few seconds.

Currently, the maximum RAW spatial resolution possible is 3,650 x 2,048 pixels (7 megapixels), with a spectral resolution of 150+ spectral bands within the 470-900nm (VNIR) wavelength range. Flat signal-to-noise ratios, as high as 200 over the full spectral range, have already been demonstrated thanks to software features that optimise the reconstruction and correction of hyperspectral data cubes.


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