SMARTEK Vision's CMOS camera family GCC/UCC

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SMARTEK Vision has introduced its new CMOS camera family GCC/UCC for machine vision applications. Available from imaging distributor FRAMOS, the camera line fits GigE Vision and USB3 Vision with a new high-speed sensor front-end into a miniature housing, featuring standardised connectivity, enhanced processing capabilities and a flexible customisation concept.

Optimised for the latest CMOS image sensors, the SMARTEK Vision camera family comes with the needed capability to drive all the latest SONY Pregius and ON Semiconductor Python image sensors with up to 18 megapixels resolution to maximise both camera interface options. With pixel sizes from 5.86µm and 3.45µm down to 1.25µm, sensor formats from 1/2.8” to 1/3”, as well as high frame rates, there is the right camera-sensor combination for nearly every industry need.

The concept of seamless integration is able to connect with C-Mount, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and general-purpose IOs (GPIO) via a 6-pin Hirose connector, providing synchronisation inputs and outputs, as well as several camera mounting screw ports.

For customers requesting individual features, the SMARTEK GCC/UCC camera line provides doubled FPGA capabilities that allow application-specific implementations and an enhanced feature set with auto-exposure, multiple areas of interest, gamma, LUT and chunk data control. In case the application has special demands in sensor functionality, feature set and mechanical dimensions, the SMARTEK Vision camera series is able to be adapted to almost every requirement quickly and efficiently.