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Slamcore wins Edge AI's Vision Tank start-up competition

SLAMcore, a leader in Visual SLAM and spatial AI systems essential for autonomous robot navigation, has won the Judges’ Award from the Edge AI and Vision Alliance at its prestigious Vision Tank Start-Up Competition. The global competition identifies the best new visual AI and computer vision innovations and invites finalists to pitch their company and product to judges in front of a live audience.

SLAMcore presented its Spatial AI SDK, a ground-breaking approach to solving one of the hardest problems for robot designers – giving robots the ability to locate themselves, map and understand the space around them. Currently, developers spend millions optimising algorithms for specific hardware and bespoke applications. The industry needs a flexible set of building blocks that can provide vision based, simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) solutions that can be used with a wide range of hardware to support robot applications across different commercial applications. SLAMcore’s Spatial AI SDK delivers this.

The Edge AI and Vision Alliance judges awarded the prize to SLAMcore because it stood out for its technical innovation and excellence in business plans, teams and market potential.

The SLAMcore Spatial AI SDK is a set of algorithms that have been designed to work out of the box with Intel’s incredible multi-sensor solution, the RealSense D435i. It can be downloaded and installed in a matter of minutes saving developers months, if not years, of time creating their own solutions. SLAMcore’s algorithms blend data from a range of sensors allowing robots to tackle positioning, mapping and object recognition together in real-time. It can be integrated into virtually any mobile robotic design helping to accelerate the development of robots that can help in numerous different scenarios.

Owen Nicholson, SLAMcore CEO, commented: “We are proud to be recognised by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance not only for our technology but for our approach to market. Our SDK solves a thorny technical problem in a way that will stimulate growth across the whole industry. Instead of thousands of firms struggling to solve SLAM issues for their own specific niches, all can integrate and use our solutions in a highly cost-effective manner to rapidly shorten time to market.

“The valuable role robots can play working alongside humans has been underlined in the COVID-19 pandemic. With our SDK more companies will be able to design, build and deploy more capable robots faster to take on a wide variety of tasks supporting human workers in numerous industries.”

Jeff Bier, founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, said: “We received dozens of strong entries for this year’s Vision Tank Start-Up Competition. I congratulate SLAMcore for distinguishing itself among this strong competitive field and look forward to helping the SLAMcore team bring its plans to fruition.”


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