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SL316 spot light

Advanced illumination, the originator of LED lighting for machine vision inspection, is proud to release the newest addition to the UltraSeal Washdown family: the UltraSeal Washdown Spot Light. The SL316 Spot Light offers general purpose, high-intensity illumination with the unique benefits of the UltraSeal Washdown Series. Featuring an IP69K certification and crevice-free design, the new UltraSeal Spot Light is ideal for hygienic inspection environments, aseptic manufacturing, and food and beverage applications.

With an intensity of over 150 klx at a 300 mm working distance in continuous operation, the SL316 UltraSeal Spot Light delivers industry-leading intensity with consistent uniformity necessary to achieve robust inspection results. The UltraSeal Spot Light also features Ai’s characteristic configurability, available with narrow, medium, and wide lensing options as well as a non-lensed configuration for high dispersion. For user applications requiring specific wavelengths, the SL316 Spot Light is configurable in eleven wavelength options.

Ai’s UltraSeal Spot Light is engineered with an FDA-compliant proprietary nickel finish, making it extremely resistant to corrosion while protecting the light against common caustic solutions. The sealed, crevice-free design not only renders the Spot Light hermetic for extreme washdown environments, but it also ensures no debris or dust particles are trapped on the light – resulting in easily cleanable LED lighting for inspection applications with hygienic or aseptic requirements.

The SL316 is compatible with all Advanced illumination inline and discreet control systems. Featuring Ai’s proprietary plug-and-play SignaTech functionality, the UltraSeal Washdown Spot Light can be operated in continuous, gated continuous, pulsed, and adaptive pulsed modes, with dimming options for brightness control.

Founded in 1993, Advanced illumination was the first lighting company to develop and sell an LED lighting product and has continued being a global leader in the machine vision industry ever since. Ai combines innovation in product development and process control to deliver tailored lighting solutions to its customers. Ai has Stock products that ship in 1-3 days and hundreds of thousands of Build-to-Order lights that are ready to ship in 1-3 weeks. Their customers face unique challenges regarding their ever-evolving inspection systems; Ai is here to innovate with them.


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