SL256 high intensity pattern projecting spot light

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Advanced illumination is releasing its SL256 High Intensity Pattern Projecting Spot Light, a new structured LED light projector featuring a large cluster of high-intensity LEDs in a focused, homogeneous Spot Light. With significantly higher output intensity, the SL256 is up to 9x brighter than the existing SL191 Pattern Projecting Spot Light and more than 3x brighter than the leading competitive structured light projector. Ai’s new pattern projector is an ideal solution for machine vision inspection applications requiring structured illumination, including edge detection, locating offsets, and assessing topography.

Projection patterns are easily configured with available reticles, including line, grid, cross, multiple lines, and half sphere, with custom reticles available. The SL256 is constructed with a large heatsink for improved LED thermal management to facilitate increased brightness while maintaining safe operating temperatures.

Ai’s SL256 provides options for multiple wavelengths, including white, and provides varying power options for both strobed and continuous operation. As with every product from Advanced illumination, the High Intensity Pattern Projecting Spot Light has a standard five-year warranty from the original date of purchase.

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