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Skia-Graph 8

Rad-icon Imaging has introduced the Skia-Graph 8 radiation sensitive camera. Based on the RadEye100 sensor, the Skia-Graph 8 consists of eight CMOS sensors that are tiled in a 2 x 4 matrix for a total active sensing area of 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20cm). Each RadEye100 consists of an array of 512 by 1,024 photodiodes on 96µm centres, making for a total panel resolution of 2,048 by 2,048 pixels. The Skia-Graph 8 camera features low power consumption, excellent DQE, and the same flexible readout modes as its predecessors, the Shad-o-Box and Shad-o-Snap camera product lines.

The Skia-Graph 8 camera is capable of real-time imaging at up to 1.3fps, 12-bit digital contrast resolution, 5 lp/mm spatial resolution, and features a choice of scintillators providing sensitivity as high as 250ADU/mR. A Gd2O2S (Gadox) integrated direct-contact scintillator converts x-ray photons into visible light that is sensed by the CMOS photodiodes. Analogue signals from the photodiode sensors are subsequently digitised in eight parallel A/D channels and then interleaved for maximum transmission across a high-speed parallel digital interface.

Steel shielding protects the camera electronics from the x-ray radiation, which is optimised for the standard 10-50kV energy range. The camera is an ideal choice for low to moderate energy applications including medical diagnostics, industrial inspection (NDT) and scientific imaging. Specific applications include inspection of agricultural and food products, electronics and mechanical components, PCB and BGA inspection, beam profiling, contraband detection, and scanning a variety of packaged products for foreign objects.


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