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Shutterless Thermal Camera Module

Tamron, a manufacturer of optics for diverse applications, announces the development of a thermal camera module.

Classic thermal camera modules need to acquire reference data by actuating a mechanical shutter approximately every 2 to 3 minutes to achieve accurate temperature measurements and stable thermal images.

However, when the shutter closes some noise is generated by the shutter and the video stops during that time. Furthermore, mechanical shutters are naturally prone to failure during long-term operation. Now Tamron has developed a “Shutterless Thermal Camera Module” by adopting an amorphous silicon thermal sensor that has excellent temperature reproducibility during temperature changes.

Thermal camera modules can capture images and measure temperature in complete darkness. This enables “Observation” of patients and allows for nursing care without disturbing sleep, “Human Detection” without requiring any illumination for security applications, “Abnormal Temperature Detection” for equipment monitoring, and many further applications. Thanks to the shutterless design, all applications benefit from the completely silent operation and continuous video recording of the camera module.


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