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C-mount lenses

Tamron Europe has introduced a new line-up of its 0.5-inch C-mount lenses. These include f=4-12mm F/1.2 (12VM412ASIR) and f=10-40mm F/1.4 (12VM1040ASIR), which can be used for 0.5-inch size sensor cameras. These lenses adopt asphercial elements inside, and achieve high resolution from the total focal length. These are also provided with near infrared correction, which can correct the focus shift under visible light and infrared light. These lenses can maintain superb picture quality up to 1,000nm, and ideal for users who use longer infrared wavelengths.


Lock screws are provided for focus, iris, and zoom to fix the positions. But because these lenses are normally designed for security surveillance, it is not suitable to be used under applications that have vibrations or shocks.


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