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Ship tires and wheels faster thanks to Cognex sensors

It will soon be tire changing time again. This spells a very busy period for IHLE Baden-Baden tire and wheel wholesaler – a time when the labelled tire packages have to be shipped quickly. This is where Cognex DataMan barcode readers ensure efficient processes, even if codes on labels are located beneath the packaging foil. Beginning with the job number to the shipping label through to the code on the packing slip, the Cognex barcode readers supply all the information for the controller with read rates of over 99 per cent. This cuts the time from the order through to the shipment significantly.

In the high season, the IHLE warehouse team in the packaging department packages up to 25,000 items a day for shipment to car showrooms, dealerships and car accessory chains across Europe. At peak times, this means up to 14 shipments per minute. To manage this vast quantity, Cognex barcode readers are used as key components in the automation. The DataMan series of cameras offer various lighting and lenses in addition to an intelligent auto-tuning function for simplifying the setup process. The controllable lighting and the liquid lens with its adjustable focus ensures the optimum performance.

Once the shipping label and packing slip have been affixed by labellers, Cognex code readers check whether the order has been labelled correctly and completely. These scanners are specifically designed for logistics applications involving high speeds, wide conveyor lines and large deviations in the package heights. This presents a great advantage since, depending on the order, the tire stacks vary in height from 160 to over 700 mm.

Cognex sensors enable IHLE to ship the tire packages extremely quickly. The company is today one of the largest tire and wheel wholesalers in Europe and is part of the Michelin Group. Some one million tires and rims are stored in an area covering 57,000 square meters at the distribution center in Muggensturm, southwest Germany.


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