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ISRA’s bin picking solution has proved its worth in a wide variety of applications. Even the most complex parts geometries can be reliably captured and picked up by the robot vision sensor SHAPESCAN3D. The award-winning bin picking solution overcomes spatial and technical barriers with its high-intensity laser lighting, stereometric structure and intelligent algorithms – resulting in considerable time and cost savings for its users. Thanks to the fast collision check and pre-programmed picking sequences, the system enables short cycle times and an efficient use of separation technologies.

SHAPESCAN3D’s bin picking offers a flexible 3D automation solution that has never before been possible, or at least not affordable. With the enhanced software, the sensor allows for a faster operating speed and thus an improved production flow-rate. This makes extremely fast return on investment achievable. The latest version of the software supports the central control of multiple sensors on just one PC, so that multiple containers can be operated without a complex linear axis and with high process reliability.


The sensor uses a CAD template to identify the components to be picked, regardless of their shape and position. As a result, there are virtually no limits on the type of components to be picked. SHAPESCAN achieves short cycle times thanks to the fast collision check: Further picking processes can be done in quick succession based on the initial scan of the container's contents. As a result, a new scan is only needed after every tenth picking process, leading to significantly shorter picking cycles. Stored clearing plans are also available for selection, so that calculation and scanning times for pre-sorted crate shipments can be sped up significantly and peak productivity achieved. The enhancement of SHAPESCAN3D thus enables even faster and more reliable production with extremely robust processes and the most time and cost-effective procedures.

SHAPESCAN3D is just as simple to install after the update. The pre-calibrated measurement field and configuration via a clearly-structured graphical user interface allows a quick start even for users without prior experience or expert knowledge.

Integration with ISRA’s wireless smart sensor networks makes the sensor even more flexible. For example, communication between the sensors allows easy parameterization, as the settings only need to be changed on one of the sensors. All other systems adopt the settings from this sensor, saving time and effort. The sensor installs updates and picking and lighting concepts optimized for a given task by downloading the relevant software modules. These modules are also shared via the network. Automatic picking of unsorted parts thus becomes smart – for greater efficiency in every production environment and for every task.


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