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Sensor evaluation kit

Pleora Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of high-performance video interfaces, has introduced an evaluation kit that helps manufacturers quickly and cost-effectively assess image sensor performance to speed the design of advanced medical and scientific imaging systems. Pleora will be demonstrating the CMOSIS CSI2100 Sensor Evaluation Kit – developed in collaboration with CMOSIS, the leading European supplier of advanced CMOS image sensors – at the Image Sensors Americas 2015 conference, November 17-19, in Berkley, CA (booth #7).

“Our new evaluation kit transmits image sensor data via a high-throughput, plug-and-play USB 3.0 connection,” said John Phillips, product management with Pleora. “By utilizing a USB 3.0 interface for bi-direction communication, instead of Camera Link or proprietary transmission schemes, camera and imaging system developers can easily evaluate video interface and image sensor solutions from both Pleora and CMOSIS.”

The new kit provides designers with a fully assembled sensor evaluation board based on Pleora’s field-proven iPORT™ NTx-U3 Embedded Video Interface and the CMOSIS CSI2100 Image Sensor. By simply installing the supplied software, and connecting the evaluation board to a USB 3.0 port on a laptop or desktop PC, designers can perform image reconstruction, reformatting, and high-speed recording functions to assess image sensor performance.

The iPORT NTx-U3 delivers image sensor data over a USB 3.0 cable directly to an existing port on a computing platform. By eliminating the need for a PCIe frame grabber to capture and convert images, designers can reduce technical complexity and component costs often associated with image sensor evaluation. The NTx-U3 also provides a GPIO interface to control, trigger, and synchronize the camera and other vision system elements.

Evaluation software, designed using Pleora’s eBUS™ SDK, provides an intuitive user interface that allows designers to control the CMOSIS CSI2100 Image Sensor and acquire and display images. In addition, image sensor registers, evaluation board parameters, and configuration options can be accessed through the integrated GenICam browser.

'We are seeing growing demand for our CSI2100 Image Sensor, particularly in high-performance medical, scientific and industrial applications like high-resolution tissue imaging or welding inspection,” said Pieter Willems, Manager of Standard Products, CMOSIS. “This new image sensor evaluation kit from Pleora helps our customers gain a competitive advantage by eliminating unnecessary costs and speeding the design of first-to-market products.”


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