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Second-generation PureCel Plus and PureCel Plus-S

One of the hallmark features of ever-evolving mobile devices is the concurrently ever-improving camera function on succeeding generations. As smartphones and mobile applications get better, thinner, and faster, so do their snappers: both user- and world-facing. 

OmniVision, one of the world’s leading image sensor manufacturers, introduced its new advancement in leading-edge pixel technologies: second-generation PureCel Plus and PureCel Plus-S. This technology delivers technical improvements in full-well capacity, sensitivity, and low-light performance, enabling crisp image and video quality even in challenging low-light conditions. 

OmniVision’s newest pixel technology will be utilized in the company’s new 20-megapixel and 16-megapixel product families with the OV20880, OV20880-4C, OV16885 and OV16885-4C. These product series feature the advanced capabilities of zig-zag high dynamic range (HDR), enabling live preview and video recording in HDR mode and single-shot full-resolution HDR images in capture mode without shutter lag. 

The second-generation PureCel Plus and PureCel Plus-S brings high resolution and “super selfies” to front- and rear-facing cameras in high-end mobile applications. Let me know if you have any questions or would like high-resolution product images, and I would be happy to facilitate.


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