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OV7251-2B global shutter image sensor

OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, today announced the OV7251-2B global shutter image sensor, which provides an ideal shutter efficiency of 99.96% for machine vision applications that need crisp captures of objects in motion to avoid inaccurate decisions. Additionally, these applications typically operate in difficult lighting conditions. The cost-effective OV7251-2B addresses this challenge by adding a new lightguide feature that improves the angular response of light capture for better system-level optical performance.

This image sensor is ideal for a broad range of machine vision, IoT, AR/VR, gaming, drone, barcode, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) applications where it is critical to avoid even the slightest edge blur or ghosting when capturing objects in motion. For example, when an AR/VR system performs room mapping, the headset is often in continuous motion, and sharp captures are a necessity for accurate user displays. Additionally, industrial machine vision applications need to accurately capture the images of objects that are typically in motion to avoid costly mistakes.

“We are improving on our widely deployed family of global shutter VGA sensors by providing a drop-in replacement for our prior generation sensor that offers an even better level of shutter efficiency with no design changes required,” said Devang Patel, senior staff marketing manager for the security and emerging segments at OmniVision. “Additionally, our new lightguide feature improves the family’s capture capabilities with better light confinement for higher system level optical performance.”

The 3.0 micron OV7251-2B image sensor has a compact form factor and provides 640x480 resolution at 120 fps. It also integrates a one-lane MIPI serial output interface.


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