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SDK Version 5.60

BitFlow has upgraded its Software Development Kit (SDK). Version 5.60 offers full support of 32-bit applications on 64-bit Microsoft Windows machine vision systems, expanding deployment possibilities and simplifying integration in machine vision applications. As with previous SDK generations, Version 5.60 is universal, meaning all BitFlow frame grabbers are fully compatible with it.

BitFlow SDK Version 5.60 is a powerful toolset to develop vision applications quickly and easily by utilising common programming languages and by taking full advantage of the host computer's capabilities. Whether it is used in inspection, quality control, traffic monitoring or other vision applications, SDK 5.60 stands out from its competition because it manages to eliminate the complexity of integration without compromising high-level functionality.

BitFlow supports users of its SDK with an online forum board where users can discuss building custom applications, along with sharing ideas and solutions to make them better programmers.


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