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Scout and Pilot updated features

Basler is adding a new Auto Features Suite to its Scout and Pilot camera series, to include automatic gain control, automatic exposure control and automatic white balance control.

The Auto Features Suite controls several camera functions. It is the 'automatic' counterpart of certain existing features, such as gain and white balance, which normally require manual adjustment of the related parameter values. Auto functions are particularly useful when an image property must be adjusted quickly to achieve a specific target value and when a specific target value must be kept constant in a series of images. 

These auto features will make a significant improvement in the ease of use of Basler Scout and Pilot cameras in many applications where lighting changes may occur, for example, in outdoor applications. By using the Auto White Balancing Control, the colour reproduction and brilliance of the captured images will be increased yielding great colour imaging results.

Pilot cameras will also be equipped with a new Averaging feature, which allows the customer to obtain an image that is the average of a specified number of consecutively acquired individual images. Up to 256 individual images can be averaged inside the Pilot camera.

When averaging is active, the pixel values for each pixel will be summed and the total for each pixel will be divided by the number of individual images acquired. Using this feature can yield a higher signal-to-noise ratio, and therefore the feature is often also known as the 'High SNR' feature. 


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