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Scorpion SmartCam3D

Scorpion Vision has introduced the Scorpion SmartCam3D, a smart camera primarily designed for use in industrial automation for manufacturing purposes.

The product is based on Sony's smart camera XCI platform, a compact camera/PC unit measuring 94mm wide by 140mm in length, and running Windows XP. The camera itself is a high-performance industrial unit that can capture images at up to 90fps in full colour. Equipped with a modern mobile processor, it is a powerful unit that can process data quickly. Scorpion Vision application software is pre-installed in the package.

Scorpion Vision software is an open, machine vision program designed for non-programmers to create advanced machine vision applications, which are used to automate repetitive inspection processes on production lines. The software is also used extensively for non-contact measurement both on the production line and in in-line deployment, in which the system will inspect, check or measure and output data in real-time and in an off-line environment for high-precision measurement.

The SmartCam3D package is particularly well suited to robotics applications. It is supplied calibrated and therefore requires minimal setup time. It offers minimal footprint with maximum functionality – a reduction in the amount of hardware required to build 3D robot vision. The camera can be deployed as a single device with only a power connection and control and interfacing can be managed by a wireless network connection.


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