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SceneScan Pro system

Nerian has released a firmware update for its SceneScan Pro system, which doubles its 3D image processing power. Now passive 3D depth sensing is possible with up to 135 fps!

Nerian turns the continual improvement process into facts. Our new firmware doubles the image processing performance of our SceneScan stereo vision sensor system for selected configurations.

The most significant increases have been made in the processing of color images. Now, 13 fps can be achieved at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 with a disparity range of 128 pixels. At a resolution of 1024 x 768, even up to 32 fps are possible, which means a doubling of the previously possible performance.

For monochrome cameras, 13 fps are now possible for a configuration of 2016 x 1536 at a disparity range of 128 pixel, where 7 fps used to be the maximum with the previous firmware.

These changes have been made possible by further optimizations to Nerian's algorithms and their implementations. For many configurations, the Gigabit Ethernet throughput is now the limiting factor, as SceneScan achieves a through-put that is above 900 MB/s. For low-performance systems, where such high data rates are a concern, SceneScan also offers the option to only transmit the disparity map (the inverse depth map) and no camera images. This significantly reduces the required network bandwidth and can allow even higher frame rates!


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