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The ScanningRuler is a newly released 3D camera from Sick. It is designed to help increase the productivity of vision-guided robotics applications.

Typical applications that benefit from this 3D camera include: random bin picking in processing and assembly lines; part picking on pallets and trays; determination of picking position of large parts; de-palletising of pallets and trays; space optimisation in box-in-box packaging and palletising applications; and completeness checks in distribution centres.

The ScanningRuler delivers factory-calibrated 3D cloud data in millimetres with the use of an integrated, sweeping laser. It uses laser triangulation and snapshot technologies to obtain images of stationary objects without using any additional components for external motion. In addition to acquiring 3D images, the ScanningRuler also provides a 2D greyscale overlay that can be used for part identification.

The camera measures the 3D shape and 2D intensity of stationary parts using the laser triangulation principle. The internal rotating mirror sweeps the laser line over the stationary parts, generating a calibrated 3D point cloud of the parts.

The ScanningRuler contains all the necessary components in an IP65 housing. Together with the features of the imaging technology, this facilitates the design and development of highly competitive, flexible solutions.