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Visionary S stereo camera

SICK has extended its innovative family of 3D snapshot vision sensors with the launch of the SICK Visionary S stereo camera, enabling precise, high-speed capture of 3D colour images for integration into robot guidance and quality inspection applications.

The SICK Visionary S 3D snapshot camera combines stereoscopic vision with projected structured illumination to capture up to 30 high-resolution 3D images every second and output colour and depth values directly to a PLC or robot controller.

With a working range up to 2.5m, the IP67-rated SICK Visionary S is ideal for a variety of rugged industrial uses. Its real-time, rapid streaming of high-resolution RGB and depth values makes light work of 3D recognition and dimensioning tasks for both moving and stationary objects. So, it is an ideal partner for robotic bin picking, palletising and de-palletising applications, as well as for quality and completeness checking on high-speed consumer goods lines.

“The Visionary S addresses the need for an accurate 3D Snapshot camera that extends the options for machinebuilders and system integrators to engineer robot guidance solutions. Its rapid on-board image processing and 50 ms response times makes fast picking frequencies possible at an accessible price/ performance level.

“Add its powerful visualisation tools, Gigabit Ethernet interface, wide compatibility with communications protocols and common programming languages, and you have a versatile and intelligent partner for 3D vision integration. It’s easy to adjust the camera and filter settings and to configure with SICK’s SOPAS software engineering tool.”

Because it delivers high-resolution 512px x 640px depth and RGB image values in one snapshot, using the Visionary S means there is no need for an actuator and 3D information can also be output for stationary objects. The Visionary S’s colour intensity perception together with depth values with an accuracy of up to 0.7mm also mean high-quality data can be provided for quality inspection purposes.

The Visionary S’s high-efficiency structured illumination delivers reliable depth data in ambient light conditions. With a working range of between 0.5m to 2.5m and a ~50°x 60° angle of view, the Visionary S is well-suited to a wide-range of industrial and intralogistics uses.


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