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Edmund Optics (EO) has introduced S-mounts to its line of C- and T-mounts. These eight product lines include lens mounts, tubes, spacers and S-to-C adapters to accommodate a wide variety of end uses.

The S-mounts are designed to integrate smaller optics ranging from 3mm to 12.5mm in diameter allowing for a smaller system footprint. The mounts have an inner diameter of 25.4mm and an outer diameter of 30mm. Unlike C-mounts, S-mounts are not designed with a fixed thickness. The S-mounts are based on an imaging industry standard mount and are threaded for M12 x 0.5mm mounting, commonly used for micro-video lenses and board level camera mounts. Manufactured from an anodised aluminium material, specific S-mount measurements include an inner diameter of 12mm, a thread pitch of 2 threads/mm, and an outer diameter of 16mm.

A wide variety of S-mount components are available, including simple and achromatic lens mounts as well as a variety of focus tubes accessories and adapters.


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