Robust and high precision ToF camera for cost-efficient 3D imaging in real time

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The Basler blaze offers VGA resolution, a GigE interface and precision via Sony’s DepthSense™ sensor technology, plus powerful features at an attractive price. Equipped with the latest laser diode technology (VCSEL), the ToF camera operates in the near-infrared spectrum and is therefore suitable for use under daylight conditions without compromise. With a multipart image consisting of a distance, intensity and confidence map and a frame rate of 30 frames per second, it generates 3D point clouds and 2D grey images in real time within the camera. Thanks to the compact and robust IP67-protected design it can be used in a wide variety of industrial environments such as industrial automation, logistics and medicine as well as in the 'Smart Factory'.

Nerian Vision’s stereo vision cameras incorporate an FPGA for real-time 3D imaging. Credit: Nerian Vision

31 October 2022