Blaze 3D camera

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Basler is releasing the Blaze 3D camera, based on Sony DepthSense time-of-flight technology. The camera has a GigE interface and VGA resolution, and is suitable for measuring the position, location and volume of objects. Typical application areas include industrial automation, logistics and medicine.

The camera is equipped with a vertical cavity surface emitting laser operating at 940nm. With a multipart image consisting of a distance, intensity and confidence map and a frame rate of 30fps, it generates 3D point clouds and 2D grey images in real time within the camera.

The integrated Sony DepthSense IMX556PLR-C sensor with Current Assisted Photonic Demodulator pixel structure, together with the back-illuminated CMOS sensor architecture, enables precise and sensitive reflected light scanning. The camera is a compact, IP67-protected unit without moving components. Its low overall weight makes it ideal for mounting on robot arms, for example.

The first design-in samples of the Blaze 3D camera are scheduled for September 2019, with the start of series production for the end of this year.

Nerian Vision’s stereo vision cameras incorporate an FPGA for real-time 3D imaging. Credit: Nerian Vision

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