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ResearchIR software

Flir Systems has introduced its ResearchIR software to enable R&D and science professionals using thermal imaging systems to work more efficiently and productively.

The software provides various features including the capacity to view, record and store images at high speed, post-processing of fast thermal events and generation of time-temperature plots from live images or recorded sequences. In addition the software includes the facility to set-up advanced start/stop recording conditions, analyse data with an unlimited number of analysis functions, rapidly organise files, take a closer look at images with zoom and pan controls and set-up multiple user-configurable tabs for live images, recorded images or plotting.

For more advanced thermal analysis, Flir has introduced ResearchIR Max. The version contains all the features or Flir ResearchIR plus facilities for pre/post triggering, tools for mathematical processing and image filtering as well as radiometric Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) and support for parallel recording using multiple cameras.

In combination with a Flir thermal imaging camera, ResearchIR software allows researchers in all fields to make the smallest of temperature differences visible and to thoroughly analyse thermal process in real time.


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