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RealTime Suite

Kithara Software, following the real-time support of USB 3.0, now also provides USB3 Vision in real-time. In the fields of robotics, mechanical engineering and medical engineering, this allows for industrial cameras to reliably capture image data with minimal reaction times.

With real-time capability of USB 3 Vision, the software company extends the 'RealTime Suite' with one of the newest and cost-efficient standards in the industry.

The introduction of the USB3 Vision standard stands as an example for the development towards a universal applicability of industrial cameras in almost every industrial sector. This requires machine vision and automation to work closely together by means of a single coherent real-time system.

Defined by the AIA, the interface standard has enjoyed great market success, mainly due to standardized hardware and high bandwidth. Furthermore, the programming interface GenICam enables users to utilize vendor-specific features in addition to common functions.


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