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RC240 programmable development and prototyping platform

Agility Design has launched the RC240 programmable development and prototyping platform.

The RC240 is ideal for the design and optimisation of high-performance, high-throughput algorithms using an FPGA and an ARM 922T core in digital entertainment, communications, in-car infotainment, robotics and machine vision applications.

The RC240 was designed to provide developers with a flexible prototyping platform that supports a wide range of popular peripherals and interfaces allowing developers to focus on their unique algorithm implementation instead of the laborious development of the peripheral and interface connections. This typically allows developers to complete projects as much as 75 per cent faster.

The RC240 includes a 4M gate Xilinx Virtex-4 LX40 FPGA, direct access to 12 Mbytes of pipelined SRAM, 128 Mbytes of SDRAM for FPGA use and 128 Mbytes of SDRAM for ARM CPU use. The RC240 is supported by both the Agility PixelStreams Video IP library and Agility’s C to FPGA design environment, DK Design Suite, to deliver a complete solution for rapid development and prototyping of image and signal processing algorithms.


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