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QX series cameras

With the QX series cameras, Baumer sets new standards for high-speed image processing. With 12 megapixel resolution at 335 fps in Burst Mode, the cameras capture fine details and defects extremely precisely in high-dynamic processes. The 10 GigE interface continuously transfers data with a high bandwidth of 1.1 GB/s. This makes the cameras ideal for applications that require very high frame rates for short sequences. As a result they are suitable, for example, for process analysis in industrial applications, for living cell analysis in medical applications, for scientific research or for motion analysis in sports. A first model, equipped with the CMOS global shutter CMV12000 sensor by ams (CMOSIS), is available in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The high speed of 335 fps in burst mode is made possible with an internal image memory of 2 GB. Up to 169 images can thus be buffered at full resolution. At maximum speed, this corresponds to a recording time of 0.5 s. If an ROI (Region of Interest) with 2 megapixel is used, for example, flexible storage management permits the recording of almost 1000 fps, thus extending the recording time to 1 s at the highest speed. To transfer the buffered images quickly and to reduce the evaluation time, the QX cameras are equipped with the innovative 10 GigE Vision compliant interface. This makes them 10 times faster than GigE Vision and 35 percent faster than Camera Link Full. In addition to the very high bandwidth, the cameras can be integrated quickly and easily with only one cable, since they are based on the widely used industrial standard GigE Vision, which supports cable lengths of up to 100 m. Special components such as frame grabbers can be saved – this reduces system costs and, in conjunction with their high speed, makes the cameras the ideal alternatives to models with CoaxPress interfaces for many applications.


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