Quazar 4.1

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Boulder Imaging has released version 4.1 of its Quazar high performance digital video recording (HPDVR) platform. Version 4.1 has eight new powerful capabilities to provide a more optimised user experience than its v4.0 predecessor.

Quazar 4.1 offers a number of new features and functions including: advanced de-interlacing; per-input and global timestamp offset and overlays; and secure export for sharing recording data. Complete recording destination customisation with built-in metadata is provided to automatically create custom file names, directory structures, and recording destination options to define the directory structure and file name.

Global settings allow for customisation of Quazar options and the ability to have them populated across all of the system's users, while post-processing enhancements include the ability to accurately display high-speed video frame numbers so the operator can capture the action in just the right spot.

There are also quick keys for marking in and out points in the timeline for easy and accurate post-processing editing, Intel Nehalem architecture support that allows for simultaneous multi-threading for high processing power, and expanded video output support for up to eight independent monitor outputs.