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Quartz Q-21A230 and Diamond D-65A30-T and D-65A09 high speed cameras

Adimec (, a world leader in application-specific, leading-edge industrial camera solutions, will present several premier machine vision cameras at Vision China 2021, March 17th - March 19th, 2021. Adimec will launch the high-speed Quartz Q-21A230 for electronics and semiconductor inspection and metrology systems as well as the DIAMOND D-65A30-T and D-65A09 developed for display inspection. Other cameras that will be demonstrated include the D-65A09, the 65-megapixel SAPPHIRE S-65A70, and the Q-12A180.

“We are excited to share our premier Machine Vision cameras at Vision Shanghai 2021. Please meet us at our booth and discover the optimized camera for your application!” - Andre Jacobs, Director, Marketing & Sales.

The Quartz Q-21A230 CoaXPress camera is designed for real time metrology applications with a reliable high speed CoaXPress data interface. It uses the GPixel GSprint 4521 global shutter image sensor that combines a highly-sensitive 4.5um pixel with very high frame rates. With 21 megapixel resolution and 230 frames per second of measurement speed, the Q-21A230 can greatly improve precision and throughput of an inspection system. The Q-21A230 operates in different performance modes, ranging from maximum dynamic range to high full well to maximum sensitivity. This allows for easy system integration with optimal performance under various demanding conditions.

The DIAMOND D-65A30-T is optimized for ultra-high resolution in-line OLED, LED and MicroLED display module inspections and calibrations and uses the Gpixel GMAX3265 sensor. For De-Mura and display pixel calibration where multiple, uniform images are required, the D-65A30-T combines 65 megapixels running up to 30fps with a linear response. For Mura dark inspection, the camera has superb sensitivity in combination with low noise performance at long exposure times. The controlled sensor temperature eliminates the effect of ambient temperature fluctuations on the camera performance. For systems not requiring the full frame rate, DIAMOND D-65A09 camera delivers 9344x7000-pixel resolution at 9 fps for more cost sensitive applications.

The SAPPHIRE S-65A70 renders phenomenal performance in a rectangular 9344×7000-pixel resolution running over 70 fps. The camera has a low read noise, with a good thermal design for passive cooling, and high dynamic range of 66dB, using Gpixel GMAX3265 global shutter sensor technology with a pixel size of 3.2 microns. These resolution and performance parameters make this camera an exceptional next step in tools used in, for example semiconductors and display inspection and metrology.

The QUARTZ Q-12A180/CXP camera brings 4096×3072 top quality pixels to the image for real-time metrology tasks with a reliable high speed CoaXPress data interface. The camera delivers 12 megapixel clean raw images at every frame rate up to 187 fps, greatly enhancing system performance and efficiency.

Be sure to find Adimec on the exhibition floor at Booth #W1.1400 to see these cameras in action and discuss your imaging system requirements.

Join us for a presentation on the new release of the Q-21A230 camera, with Mr. Jack Zuo, Adimec Business Director, China.

"21Mpx 230fps - the camera for next generation PCBA 3D-AOI and semiconductor back-end inspection"- Jack Zuo

Time of Q-21A230 presentation: 13:30 – 14:00 on 3/17/2021; Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall OV


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