Dietmar Ley takes over Silicon Software management from Klaus-Henning Noffz

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Dr. Dietmar Ley, CEO of Basler AG, will take over the management of Silicon Software GmbH until further notice. Dr. Klaus-Henning Noffz, former Managing Director of Silicon Software GmbH, will assume strategic responsibilities at Basler AG with immediate effect. The ceremonial handover took place at this year's International Sales Meeting in the presence of our distribution partners.

With deep counting large numbers of objects such as glass bottles, tree trunks, or food can be counted. (Image: MVTec Software)

09 June 2023

The object detection tool can locate trained object classes and separate those touching or partially overlapping.

27 April 2023

With the Deep Counting feature, large numbers of objects such as glass bottles can be counted.

19 April 2023