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PV3 vision sensor and larger production facility

Embedded Vision is the keyword when compact and at the same time powerful image processing systems are required. It can be integrated into small devices or in places where space is limited. This means that intelligent image processing can now tap into many new fields of application in which classic IPCs previously reached their limits.

With its dimensions of 53x45mm, the PV3 vision sensor from IMAGO also fits in tight spaces. In addition to a camera with a 2-megapixel resolution, the power package contains a high-performance Linux QuadCore processor. This more than doubles the computing power compared to the previous model. The embedded vision system with small form factor (SFF) enables very fast, reliable and high-quality inspection in numerous industrial areas, such as best-before date inspection, barcode and dotcode reading or label inspection in the food and beverage industry. Or, for example, the permanent scanning of labels as well as the inspection of the printed contents during labeling. In industrial printing, the VisionSensor PV3 is even integrated directly into the ink print buttons, so that the print can be checked immediately. The image processing system is also used outside the factory environment in machines in numerous other applications.

The new high-performance vision systems are not only becoming ever smaller and more compact. They are also designed for harsh industrial environments and are well protected against mechanical stress, temperature fluctuations and humidity.

The extremely small camera, programmable under Linux, offers a good entry into image processing at a low price. Beginners appreciate the included sample program, SDK and a video training course. Using the in-house new framework ViewIT, engineers and technicians can create their own application within one working day. Halcon Embedded as the leading library for industrial image processing is also supported.

IMAGO extends headquarters

IMAGO Technologies has also expanded camera production at its headquarters near Frankfurt (Main). The manufacturer of smart cameras and image processing computers for industrial image processing has doubled the production area in order to assemble hardware even more efficiently in the future.

On the occasion of the summer party, managing director Carsten Strampe and his team ceremonially opened the new building under corona conditions. Honorary guest Mrs. Anne Wendel from VDMA (in picture 3. from right) was also present at the celebration. The building extension is accompanied by the introduction of a new ERP system to make processes more efficient and improve the scalability of production. "By investing in more space and more efficient work processes, we are technologically equipped to meet future requirements and increase our production capacity many times over," said the Managing Director as he cut the red ribbon.

Carsten Strampe looks positively into the future: "New fields of application for intelligent industrial cameras are constantly emerging and we still see a lot of potential for our products worldwide. IMAGO is excellently positioned for further growth in existing and new markets, also thanks to continuous investment in production. I am particularly pleased that we are able to improve our international competitiveness through increased productivity.”


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