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Framos partners with 96boards for its embedded vision sensor modules

Framos announces a global partnership with 96boards, a technology frontier in open platform specification and compliance, to comprehensively connect the Framos Embedded Vision line of sensor modules for efficient vision development.

96boards is a range of hardware specifications created by Linaro to make the latest ARM-based processors available to developers at a reasonable cost. The series provides open platform specifications for SoC-independent design, tailored for various market segments, and is supported by the ecosystem of Linaro. Framos, the global vision partner, supports companies and OEM’s to integrate imaging technology into devices and applications. Their Mezzanine partnership interconnects the FRAMOS Embedded Vision ecosystem with the Consumer Edition. With 96boards as chosen reference platform by many open source projects and for productionisation, the FRAMOS’ line of sensor modules gets full connectivity to the complete range of 96boards supported processor boards and extensions. By adding a dedicated FRAMOS Processor Adapter, developers can choose from 16 FRAMOS sensor boards for flexible use with all boards of the 96boards Consumer Edition, accelerating embedded development by a modular approach.

The 96boards initiative offers standardized connectivity, format and mechanical designs. With the FRAMOS Mezzanine partnership, customers benefit from plug and play hardware approach for multiple sensor and processor boards to evaluate the optimal solution for their project. This is ideal for small volume developments, where an own board design is not economically feasible.


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