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Prosilica GT cameras

The new Prosilica GT GigE Vision camera series from Allied Vision Technologies (AVT), now available from Stemmer Imaging, offers an extended operating temperature range and optimised image processing functions. Capable of operating at extreme temperatures (-10°C to +60°C) and in changing lighting conditions, the Prosilica GT has been designed for demanding outdoor applications such as traffic and security monitoring, surveillance and aviation/space flights.

The AVT Prosilica GT camera series features a host of functions to cope with external weather conditions. The camera housing incorporates cooling fins for optimum heat dissipation. An operating-temperature control function facilitates camera switch off to avoid major damage if the threshold temperature is exceeded. The camera can even survive lightning strikes thanks to its integrated Ethernet surge protection.

The new cameras are equipped with the latest CCD sensors, including a range of Sony EXview HAD sensors which boast an impressive sensitivity even in the infrared range. The Prosilica GT is also available with the latest Kodak KAI CCD sensors which combine high resolution and high frame rate. The series offers resolutions from VGA to 6 Megapixel and frame rates of up to 119fps. This high frame rate allows for high speed burst images, often required for traffic control to capture multiple images of a passing vehicle and to determine its licence plate.

Precise iris lens control allows optimisation of depth of focus, exposure time and gain. DC auto iris-standard enables use of economic lenses from the CCTV industry. The Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588) is used to synchronise cameras and other system components via an Ethernet network. Image optimisation features such as gamma correction or lookup tables prepare the image data for further image processing and thus reduce processing load at the host computer.

All Prosilica GT cameras feature a GigE Vision interface with Power over Ethernet (PoE), providing power supply and data transfer via a single cable. Stemmer Imaging supplies these AVT cameras with the CVB 2011 CameraSuite MultiOS development environment.


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